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Olympic Petroleum Corporation has worldwide high-end technology resources. Our products and applications in the field have always been important to maintaining our technological leadership position in advanced production. OPC'S technology partners include some of the world's best known companies and teams.


Since 1932 Olympic oil has amassed a team rich in background and experience in lubes, additives and antifreeze. The company business performance and stability has amassed into a wide range of platforms. Olympic Petroleum Corporation has become a collection of services including R&D, production, storage, management, logistics and other integrated professional offerings. We assist our customers to develop a customized and creative business solution.


Olympic Petroleum Corporation has a leading-edge product development team complete with a professional R&D team. We assist our customers with their branding & labeling to offer customized solutions to their product needs or provide them with existing product lines.

About Olympic Petroleum Corporation

Olympic Petroleum Corporation is engaged in the development and production of automotive additives, lubricants, car care products, motor oil, antifreeze, engine and fuel products geared towards OEM’S, professionals and consumers. We provide complete automotive oil products for users around the world.

Annual production capacity

Capabilities of 5,000 to 100,000 gallons of raw storage and mixing tanks, 700 million gallons of annual production capacity.

Storage Capacity

141 finished product storage tanks can store 5.1 million gallons of finished, another potential production and storage capacity of 7-8 one hundred million gallons.

Handling Capacities

Handling capacities: shipping, rail and truck.


Production, storage, management, logistics, integration for professional firms.

Product Line

Olympic Petroleum Corporation adheres to strict standards of providing our customers with leading technology and mature products. Our base oil and additives are all purchased in the United States to ensure that the quality and consistency are certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Motor Oil

  • Gasoline and diesel engines
  • Construction Machinery Lubricant
  • Full range of oil
  • OEM Custom
  • Labeling and packaging customization
  • More


  • Automotive Systems Cleaning Products
  • Automotive Systems Protection Products
  • Car exterior protection products
  • Improved performance of gasoline and diesel
  • More


  • Antifreeze
  • ATF
  • A/C Lubricant
  • Gear oil
  • Grease and high temperature grease
  • Military Grade Lubricants
  • Gasoline and diesel fuel additive
  • More

Distribution Facility Highlights

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Loading bays

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Product development team and R&D team

Olympic Petroleum Corporation has a leading-edge product development team complete with a professional R&D team.


We determine the customers country climatic conditions, environment, maintenance conditions, fuel characteristics, and the product targeted to help establish the best product line up and usage.

Data analysis

Olympic Petroleum Corporation has worked diligently to accumulate data and information, analyze and develop products in compliance with customer requirements.


We will research and customize a program and materials packaging to fit your production demand.

Product Line

We work on our customers products to assess custom product needs or provide them with existing product lines.


Production Manager/Maintenance worker - various/Production line worker/Cost accountant/3rd shift supervisor/3rd shift line worker/Purchasing specialist/Blending technician


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